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Edward Martins

I bought my first camera, a Pentax ME Super with a 50mm f2.0 lens in 1982. I always wanted to be a photographer, I thought it was a cool thing to be. I got a Hasselblad 500CM in 1985 and trained as a wedding photographer. I always wanted to photograph landscapes like Galen Rowell, Ansel Adams, or Michael Kenna so in 1988 I moved out to Oregon and aside from a few adventures over the years, have been there ever since. 

Speaking of Galen Rowell, Ansel Adams and Michael Kenna, my photography seems to be an amalgamation of all those styles. I've often heard the comment that my photographs look like paintings. In this age of AI art, I hear the words of Galen Rowell echoing through time: "The integrity of the photograph is only as good as the integrity of the photographer." My wet darkroom or computer darkroom (I use both) manipulations are reserved to only the traditional methods of controlling contrast, luminosity and slight nudges to color. I can assure you that if you were standing next to me when I clicked the shutter and then you saw my print a month later you would say, "Yes, that is how I remember the scene." 

I graduated from LaSalle Military Academy, and earned a Bachelors of Science from Portland State University. I spent five years employed by Continental Airlines as a First officer flying the ATR 42-320, and I was flying the line during 9/11. (Remember the "adventures" I mentioned...) 

"May you live in interesting times..." - Ancient Chinese curse.

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