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Help Support My Journey

My first video on YouTube was uploaded June 8th, 2011, over 9 years ago.  I have mostly reviewed the gear I was personally trying out in my attempt to rationalize digital into my analogue life. There were many tips and tricks I've shared along the way as well. Only recently have I really had the opportunity to focus on what I always wanted to do with the channel and my photography all along.

It's exciting to have 11,000+ subscribers and almost 2 million overall views of my past videos, but it's even more exciting now that I am really taking the video aspects of my art seriously, and creating content I am truly proud of, not to mention focusing on the art of my photography and the creation of fine art prints again.

Your generous support is what keeps me going, either as a one time voluntary donation through PayPal, or as a subscription on Patreon, or simply by buying a Print or Box Set when they come available. As of now, I rely completely on the support of my fans and viewers.

If you would like to contribute, you can make a one time donation directly to my Paypal account using the "donate" button below. Or you can subscribe on my Patreon site using the button below, which offers three tiers of support starting at $2 per month, which is $24 per year.

And of course, I have Fine Art Prints both in Pigment and Gelatin Silver available to purchase and my 2021 Box Set will be available for pre-order in October  2021.

Thanks again for all your support, I truly appreciate it and couldn't do it without you!

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